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An aimless wander up a nameless road off Dawlish, and Slat grins. He was off to meet his wizard . Arriving at the pink house, he finds the door open, and decides to surprise his beloved, he walks through a messy room with a hamster and into the house. Not knowing which room belongs to his jaAm obsessed lover, he finds a room filled with transformer toys. this must be it! excitedly he looks around to see where he could hide, when he spots the Optimus Prime costume. he'd struck gold!

As soon as he'd put on the costume, the door opened... and there was Matt. Matt was looking round enviously, but Slat, be-costumed, was unaware; all he could hear were stealthy footsteps. The room was filled with all kinds of toys, and, Matt noticed Damian's optimus prime which usually sat in the lounge with the inflatable Darlek and Spiderman. Matt sighed, this was indeed an impressive collection of toys. If only, he thought, he could 'use' with his 'playmate' Slat.

Suddenly Slat got cramp in his leg, it ached, like the ache in his lusty loins when he thought of Matt. he breathed in, he could here movement... could this be, his Matt, returning to be bedded by his beloved?

Matt, busy inspecting a Teenage-Mutant-Hero turtle figure engaged lasciviously with an autobot, looked up. there was movement, Surely not, optimus Prime was alive, after his crushing death in the Transformers movie (Matt sobbed) His Childhood hero had decided to reincarnate in Damian's Cardboard creation. In Awe, Matt sat on the cramped bed, as far from the red autobot as he dared, unable to move. 'Optimus prime' he hoarsly whispered.

Slat Jerked his head within the Cardboard cocoon, it was Matt, his beloved, he had seen the tiny movement of his leg as he tried to minimise the ache. Slat sighed, as the ache of his leg became hard in his crotch. 'Matt' he cooed. this was a fantasy made real by accident, a fantasy he and matt had both shared, and never spoken about... Transformer Porn.

'Slat is that you?' gasped Matt...

'Yes my love.'

'In.... optimus prime.. you know this is Damian's toy room, we really shouldn't...' But both Matt and Slat were hard and hot with the idea of it. The small cramped room withy it's dull lights and many action figures was perfect. The Optimus Prime Effigy merely made it more applicaple, since Matt and Slat's affection for effigies was already known. Slat, hot and sweating took of the suit, and becan to undress... Matt followed. There was silence in the room, the excitment and the possiblity of discovery was intoxicating. The bedroom rocked to their silent moans. The transformers on the shelves looked on, all knowing, but never telling..... the Toy room kept it's secret.
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Date:April 19th, 2004 02:12 pm (UTC)
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Date:April 20th, 2004 02:20 am (UTC)
A couple of points:
a) Optimus Prime would never fit in the Toy Room.
b) The Toy Room now remains locked at all times. Whether this has anything to do with making sure that the above tale could never occur is up to you to decide.
c) Correct spellings: 'dalek' 'spider-man'.
d) Does Matt still own the transformersporn website?

But I feel the most important point I would like to make here is

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Date:April 20th, 2004 03:41 am (UTC)
a) ROFLMAO!!!!

b) muhahahaha!

c) if the toy room is locked so above event does not occur, does this mean u think the slashfic is true?

d) you were not involved in slashfic, optimum prime was.

e)yes matt does indeed still own transformer porn website.

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